What thickness and type of wood do you use? Board Construction?

Our regulation size 24" x 48" cornhole game sets are constructed with white spruce frames and only with 1/2" C2 white birch plywood. Both our 1x4 and 2x4 frame construction for these boards include 2x4 legs.

Jr cornhole boards are made with 1x4 frames, 1x4 legs and 1/2" C2 white birch plywood.

All weather boards are constructed with Versatex brand  pure white compressed PVC which does not yellow or fade overtime. The frames are constructed with 1x4 smooth sides, 1/2" smooth tops and 1x4 legs.


1x4 verse 2x4 Image Comparisons

1x4 Cornhole Board  1x4 verse 2x4 Cornhole Boards  2x4 Cornhole Board 

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